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About Bernard Lee


Bernard’s extensive experience in the sales and service industry, specializing in professional customer service and business development, provided him with a set of excellent interpersonal and communication skills which he puts to good use in imparting values, principles and skills that are crucial in many industries and everyday life.


He specializes in creating programs on personal development and enhancement together with effective soft skills programs. He believes very much in training and leading people, and has often been referred to as “inspiring” “expressive” and "engaging with a touch of humour”. He provides coaching and mentoring to groups of people-spending time and boundless energy to inspire, encourage, motivate and guide them on their path in their endeavours and enable them to live out their potential.
He delivers high-impact and results oriented training.


He has studied and done extensive research on performance and personal-development principles, passing on his knowledge and experience in order to empower people to improve and grow in their personal development and business performance.


Bernard is the author of THE NEXT LEVEL Book and he is a Certified NLP coach & practitioner with the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is also certified as a Time Line Therapy Practitioner™ and a Hypnotherapy Practitioner. Bernard has earned the title as a Certified Master Class Trainer, Impact System Coach and he is also a Certified Conversion Strategy Coach.

Bernard’s passion is to develop people for betterment in their lives, workplace and society. He is an active social worker involved in the establishment of homes for underprivileged and abused children and orphans. 


About Nora Idris

For more than 11 years now, Beauty Coach and highly sought after Make Up Artist, Nora Idris is driven by her passion to enhance and transform women outlook so that they begin appreciate their own beauty. Starting her professional career of 11 years as a beauty consultant, specialising in beauty and make up for corporate and non-corporate sectors.


She is a franchisee and a manager of JF Beauty. 

Nora Idris  holds good experience in:


-Corporate grooming and make up

-Wedding make up

-Annual dinner make up

-Face and body therapy

-Evening make up



She is a Certified MAC Pro New York Make Up Artist and she also holds  a Diploma in Information Technology.

Deborah Leong.jpg

About Deborah Leong

Deborah Leong is an entrepreneur and an also a Professional Image Consultant.  Deborah chalked up 21 years in the fashion industry and 15  years  in  both  the  educational  and  corporate  training  and development sector.


During  her  many  years  of  professional  endeavor,  Deborah  gained  extensive international exposure and now she is actively investing outside Malaysia. Deborah has conducted  more  than  1600  Seminars  and  Workshops  in various types of topics such entrepreneur’s topic, anatomy profiling, wardrobe and dressing, and grooming. She holds a Master of Arts in WBL Professional  Image  and  Impression  Management,  Middlesex  University,  United Kingdom. She is also A Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with Toastmasters International.

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