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11 Good Lessons For Personal Growth

1. "Listen to your inner voice because the world will confuse you, but the inner voice infuse you" - B.Lee

2. "Use our powerful visualization for good, not on negativity, worries, suspicion..which will cause wrong decision made and misunderstanding of direction in personal and professional facets" - B.Lee

3. "Emotions are extremly powerful, yet it must be controlled and be directed full force for the right thing or the right person"- B.Lee

4. "Power without control is deadly, power with control is beauty" - B.Lee

5. "When you let you heart rules, you better make sure it rules the right decision made" - B.Lee

6. "Each one comes into our lives to teach us a lesson. It may be hurting or loving, tender or harsh, powerful or weak" -Vincent Wong

7. "Never abandon your loved ones. Your presence alone is more than words can say" - B.Lee

8. "Esteem and respect the elderly and the children because one is full of wisdom the other is with full of energy" - B.Lee

9. "God does answer our prayer, it's only sometimes He "delays" it for the right timing" - B.Lee

10."Be loyal to the promises you have made, because promises have life in it, and it will haunt you when you break it" - B.Lee

11. "Always remember the one who really loves you are those who are near you and never keep silent when you are in trouble. They may be "noisy" but they do it out of love for you. Ask yourself, if you love someone and that someone in trouble will you keep silent?"



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