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Will your broken glasses be made wholesome again?

TRUST..a precious and heavy word to carry, yet it is often abused. It is the fundamental element of all relationships. Be it in business, family, friendships, and courtships. A broken trust is like a piece of broken glass. To patch back the broken pieces, it really depends on the level of the damage is done. It's just like a broken glass, shattered to hundreds of pieces or only a few small pieces. Some broken trust can be easily mended back, but some will take longer time to patch back those hundreds of pieces. The deeper the 'wound, the longer it takes and with much support. Sad to say, some will find it impossible to be able to make TRUST wholesome again. I personal believe that it can be made wholesome again, but it will take alot of support,  much time,  and both party to take responsibility to work on it until the TRUST is solid again. Therefore, do your very best not to break any TRUST that is entrusted to you.

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